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Point of Light award

We are beyond proud of our founder Toni being recognised in todays Points of Light award by 10 Downing Street. She received this award for all the work that she is doing to campaign for the advancement of Computing Science in schools and work to help close the gender gap.

Toni is the 1726 person to receive this award.

In response to receiving the award, Toni said:

“I am truly overwhelmed and delighted to be recognised in the Points of Light Awards and this is a credit to the ‘dressCode’ team of myself, Brendan McCart and Richard Carey. Computing Science is such an important subject and it is vital the next generation are equipped with the skills needed in the future. ‘dressCode’ is nothing without the hard work of so many inspirational Computing Science teachers across the country who support our initiatives and help ‘dressCode’ engage and inspire so many young people.”

You can read more here.