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#Choose Computing Science Campaign

dressCode is extremely passionate about closing the gender gap in Computing Science but also in general raising the profile of the subject. As a result dressCode along with the talented Two Fifths Design  and the incredible video, film and animation production company HeeHaw who worked with us to create this amazing poster and advert. dressCode...

Finalists in the Security Excellence Awards 2019

Exciting news! dressCode’s work with our Turing’s Testers and Turing’s Testers 2.0 has been shortlisted three Security Excellent Awards. The Security Project of the Year, Security Educator of the Year and Security Team of the Year. This highlights all the work dressCode and the Turing’s Testers have done over the years to inspire the next...

Highly acclaimed in the best educator category in the SecSecurity unsung hero awards 2019

We are delighted to announce that Toni Scullion and the Turing’s Testers were highly acclaimed in the best educator category at the SecSecurity #unsungsechero2019 awards. This award highlights all the amazing work that the team has done to help inspire and engage more pupils into cyber security and ultimately into the world of tech. This...

dressCode founder shortlisted for Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards 2019

Toni, the founder of dressCode, has been shortlisted for a Security Serious Unsung Hero award in the Best Educator category with the amazing Turing’s Testers! This award will go to a professor, lecturer or teacher who leads by example to inspire and motivate the next generation of cyber security professionals. Toni and the Turing’s Testers...

SWIT Awards 2019 finalist

We have got some great news! We’re delighted to announce that dressCode is a finalist in the Diversity Initiative of the Year at the Scottish Women in Technology Awards 2019!  Toni Scullion, the founder of dressCode is also a finalist in two categories Diversity Champion of the Year and Secondary Teacher of the Year.  The...

dressCode hackathon at Sky for International Women’s Day 2019

11th of January 2019

dressCode ran their first West Lothian hackathon at Sky,Livingston for International Women’s Day 2019. This was an incredible day that involved four local schools, 50 11- 12 year old girls, 10 senior pupils who were the most amazing mentors and role models and a number of brilliant staff from Sky and JPMorgan.

dressCode finalist in Women in IT Awards 2019

11th of January 2019

dressCode are finalist in the prestigious Women in IT Awards 2019 for e-skills initiative of the year. This award category is open to organisations that have undertaken an initiative that encouraged and helped women and girls to improve their digital skills and consider a career in the ICT sector.

Founder of dressCode promotes Cyber Discovery

19th December 2019

This is the first year that Cyber Discovery has been available to Scotland. Toni Scullion, is an advocate for cyber security and has had great success getting more girls into Computing Science but more specifically Cyber Security. Toni has been a cyber discover club leader this year. They caught up with her to find out...

dressCodes, Turing’s Testers launch National competition and win National award

28th of November

Founder of dressCode, Toni Scullion, has worked closely with the Turing’s Testers, three senior Advanced Higher Computing Science students but also dressCode leaders and advocates to raising the profile of Computing Science and encouraging more girls to get into Computing Science. Together they have created a Nationwide cyber competition, Cyber Treasure Hunt that targets at...

Scottish Cyber Awards 2018 interview with founder of dressCode

28th of November

Founder of dressCode, Toni Scullion, was awarded Cyber Security Teacher of the year and won the overall award and was crowned Champion of Champions at the Scottish Cyber Awards 2017. The Scottish Cyber Awards caught up with Toni to see how her year had been, have a look at the interview below.