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National Computing Science Role Models

To celebrate Ada Lovelace Day we are launching dressCode’s Computing Science role models.

This is a National campaign where we want to help raise awareness of the incredible talent within education at Primary, Secondary, College and University. Let us help you turn role models in your school into National role models for Computing Science!

All you have to do is send us a photo of the pupil/student along with a quote from them telling us why they enjoy Computing Science. Entries can be submitted at bit.ly/CSRoleModel. Permission slip can be found at bit.ly/PermissionFormAdaScot.

FAQ below

Who can take part?

This is open to all pupils in education. We want to help champion and raise awareness of the incredible talent that we have in Computing Science education in Scotland. This can be Primary, Secondary, College or University.

Is it free to take part?


How do I submit entries?

All entries must be submitted by a teacher using this form bit.ly/CSRoleModel. Entries must be submitted including an official school email or entries will not be included in the competition.

I’m having difficulty with the form, can you help?

You can send any submissions to support@dresscode.org.uk including poster design, name of pupil, name of centre, centre postcode, gender of pupil (optional) and year group of pupils.

Can you send over a digital copy so we can display in our school/college/university?

Yes. If requested we can send over the original file created so that you can print any copies and put them on display.

Can I send over a team photo and quote?

Yes, but due to restrictions on size available on the poster we will only be able to display one quote.

Will the posters be shared on social media?

Yes, we will share via our social media channels. We also have plans to feature as a digital gallery on our website for permanent display.

When is the closing date for this?

We will stop taking submissions 31st of May 2022.

Is a permission form required to take part?

Yes. If the pupil who wishes to take part are in Primary or Secondary school, we need the signature of both the pupil and their parent or guardian giving permission. If the student you are nominating is over 18, they can sign the permission slip themselves. Again the permission slip can be found at bit.ly/PermissionFormAdaScot.


Any other questions email support@dresscode.org.uk.

Happy Ada Lovelace Day!