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To celebrate International Women’s Day we are delighted to share that we have a dressCode award available for free for every secondary school in Scotland. The aim of this award is to provide a specific opportunity for female pupils to achieve success in Computing Science in their school. This award is supported by JPMorgan, we hope that this also raises awareness to parents and guardians that Computing Science is an important subject.

The name of our award is “The Hopper Award for Excellence in Computing Science” named in honour of Grace Hopper, a pioneer of computer programming.

Our only ask is that this becomes a permanent feature in your school’s annual award ceremony, that the award is passed down to a new pupil each year and that you send over the name of the pupil or their first initial and last name so we can feature their name on dressCode’s role of honour list on our website. The purpose of the role of honour list is to highlight the incredible talent that exists in schools in Scotland and also allows pupils to refer to this achievement on future applications.

To accept the award you must return the contract of acceptance (see link below), that we would require signed and returned by the Head Teacher before we send out the award. We are in the process of seeking funding for an award for best male pupil as well. However we wanted to have two separate awards as we felt if we had a generic Computing Science award it was likely that it would reflect the national statistics and only around 20% of female pupils would be likely to achieve this award.

We are initially focussing on Scottish Secondary schools, but if you are from outside of Scotland and are interested please get in touch. 

Happy International Women’s Day from the dressCode team.

Download contract of acceptance here – Contract – The Hopper Award for Computing Science


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